On Viewing a Cosmic Thread

   As I journey I study with magical artists.  Each of them gives me a piece of the dream that holds my work together.  In return I give them a true vision of the dream.  My direct focus is on the Communications influence on what we know as civilization and the directions those influences are preparing us to journey.  We are a small part of the entire structure, but the impact that we as individuals have on it is astounding.

    I studied Fine Arts at Seminole Community College in the 80’s.  It was there that I was inspired by two professors to devote my life to the study and application of the Arts.  Grady Kimsey showed me grand style and Bobby McGee illustrated history in a refreshing way.  Discovering Salvador Dali was the most important phase of my career.  I appreciated his Surrealism, but I was astonished by the Nuclear Mystical Period in his later years.  His theory contains Truth and Truth is Beautiful.  I knew that was the direction that I wanted to pursue.

    In the 90’s I honed my craft at Penn State, had a few solo shows and finished my education.  Then I came back to where I started.  My never-ending journey through visions of the dream brings me here to weave the universal knowledge on a canvas of space and time.

    As a writer…communicator…artist, I see in my past the paths that have led me here, and I will illustrate, with words and images in a constant state of change, the force of life.  My personal philosophy of religion, science, and space and time, is the view of a common (cosmic) thread in the theories, manifestos, and ideologies of the sacred and the profane.

    The materials that I use are as varied as my subjects.  I paint with acrylics, sometimes in the dark, using vivid colors on my canvas.  I also paint with pastels, using my fingers as I would a dry brush, continually discovering new combinations of colors.   I am continuing my research on the possible, but unlikely, uses of positive and negative space.  It's all in the spaces between.

   Thank you for subjecting yourself to this collection.  "The invention of the game caused concern among the players, as this was the first time that live targets were used."  Please join us for supper.  I learn, I teach and I reflect the passions of my identities.

Donna Surles

I know what I know, if you know what I mean...


December 2, 2011

    The eternal cycle of the goddess has come around again to fire the spirit.  According to Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade, women are, in more ways than ever, reaching a stage of Gylany, the linking of men and women.  The cultural Transformation that is now in action has been forcing society to undergo a series of changes in the prevailing attitudes towards women.  As these voices, predicting change, come together in joy, there IS a central core of strength.  The eternal spirit of the goddess, whether she is called Athena, Inanna, or Mary, is awake and alive.  Cultural evolution, juxtaposed with biological evolution, is an illumination of the chaotic changes of the past, present, and future.

     In many cultures preceding ours visions were respected and glorified.  Art was an integral part of both church and state.  The goddess was worshiped and adored in paintings and literature, among other things.  She still is, though the incarnate spirit is not permitted to cross boundaries erected by the governing males.

     The Mother of the Earth shows mercy to the many who rape and plunder their way through her fruits.  She has turned a blind eye to chaos.  Inanna, the Goddess, replicates the Golden Chain passed from father to daughter.  The matriarchal chain of events leading Inanna to the ME's establish a Godhead only she can witness.  Worshiping the goddess involves faith on many different levels, from the fields of the corn to the mines of the moon, she can only be seen by the Few.

     Riane Eisler identifies early religious traditions who personified divine wisdom as female.  All cultures have heard the Call.  Art and Literature are two of the common ways that logic and symbol can be combined.  The writing on the wall can be deciphered in many different ways; thus, it is safe to create a world of mysticism and magic only to be seen by the ones that can read the codes of the time.  Reason and logic have no place in the world of the visionary.  Those who have heard the Call transcend the available sources and create stories of love and war that survive through the centuries.

     The forces of nature designed the tree of life, just as the forces of truth create human excellence.  The Evolution of Consciousness has awakened the Divine Dream.  The idea of an "elect chosen by hazard" is illustrated in 'The Descent of Inanna'.  She willingly accepted the job of the search in the underworld.  The underworld represents "The Other Side".  What we can see and what we can't comprehend are the tunnels that lead us through to the underworld.

     "Prehistoric partnership societies technological advances were used primarily to make life more pleasurable rather than to dominate and destroy", says Eisler.  And that new knowledge has shown us manifestos such as the one written by Inanna.  This original direction of our cultural evolution illuminates such a threat to the prevailing system, there are massive efforts to suppress it.

     In Sumerian culture Inanna was "Queen of Heaven", a goddess who ruled "over the sky, the earth, and the underworld".  They heard the Call of the divine story.  The goddess of the skies hears the earth's cry.  History has completed a jigsaw puzzle to be assembled by the spirits of both the goddess and the warrior.  Inanna's journey prepared her for her reality.  Both sides were linked.  To her, light and dark were one with the power of life and death.

     The nature of divinity in both Inanna and The Oddessy were similar in many ways.  The divine love that was present in both texts illustrated the power that mortals could possess through their beliefs. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness were important to both cultures.  Harmony is the key to peace and happiness.  Inanna's descent was her own oddessy.  "In many traditional societies, initionary tribal rites are often characterized by a symbolic descent into and ascent from the labyrinthian Earth Mother.  These rituals give women and men the experience of being reborn on a spiritual plane".  There is as much to learn below as there is above.  These people bring back new knowledge and teach it to their own cultures.

     Inanna learned how to open her ear to the Great Below.  Gaining wisdom through her experiences, she became a witness to the Divine Light.  The same Divine Light that drew Odysseus on his journey.  The supernatural forces rampart in The Oddessy embody the powers that shape our universe.

     In Sumerian culture Inanna was "the goddess in all her aspects".  During the Trojan War, a hero appeared to form the qualities and humanistic personality traits of "modern man".  Odysseus's experiences in "the underworld", the mystical adventures, and his cleansing of preconceived notions that led him to a strength and disposition matched by none.  Spirits in the material world, that's what they were.

     We must believe in the great works, some still in progress, that we can study and gain an understanding of both the Goddess and the Warrior cultures and use this information to unleash a greater desire to build an empire structured by gylany.

©Donna Surles 1995

A Dadaist Tornado Explosion

The power of words
tricks the eye
into dispensation from the protocol.
The velvet steamroller
caught in a chaotic dance
caused a crack
in the mirrored portrait.
Build a layer of scar tissue
over the wound
and keep going.
The blood of a bird
flows over images
so lovely
as sparkling diamond clouds

cover my lords'
black [B]LACK
glass [G]LASS
Finding a duck's neck
securely tied
into the midnight
of apparent
round objects hidden.
Take that.
I am not afraid.

...leaving the cans where they fell,
I gathered cleaning cloths soaked
with linseed oil, wadded-up paper
towels smeared with paint, and the
spent capless tubes of manganese
blue and cinnabar green on my way
to the garbage.
Stepping out
the door
that I accidentally left open
during the rain
while I was searching
for the last
piece of the puzzle..

I lick your tears for strength.
I breathe your sorrow for hope.
I touch your perfect mind for practice.
a bit of the entire structure.
crashes to the sky.
grounding electric thought.
with the smoke of a thousand primitive murders
cords of seaweed wind around my legs and torso
strapping me to this delicious fountain of wine
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
swallowing sweet triumphant excesses
screaming scandals drowning+squeezing
sucking+reciting tales of magic+mystery
my next silent scream comes from the place
where you lived a bazillion years ago
when the ships carried wool for the pirates wives
i couldn't have said.painted.sung.whispered.hidden.boasted.shouted.believed.cried.promised or dreamt it better than this.
this is
~better than anything~
we won.

©Donna M. Surles  08.15.11