On Viewing a Cosmic Thread

   As I journey I study with magical artists.  Each of them gives me a piece of the dream that holds my work together.  In return I give them a true vision of the dream.  My direct focus is on the Communications influence on what we know as civilization and the directions those influences are preparing us to journey.  We are a small part of the entire structure, but the impact that we as individuals have on it is astounding.

    I studied Fine Arts at Seminole Community College in the 80’s.  It was there that I was inspired by two professors to devote my life to the study and application of the Arts.  Grady Kimsey showed me grand style and Bobby McGee illustrated history in a refreshing way.  Discovering Salvador Dali was the most important phase of my career.  I appreciated his Surrealism, but I was astonished by the Nuclear Mystical Period in his later years.  His theory contains Truth and Truth is Beautiful.  I knew that was the direction that I wanted to pursue.

    In the 90’s I honed my craft at Penn State, had a few solo shows and finished my education.  Then I came back to where I started.  My never-ending journey through visions of the dream brings me here to weave the universal knowledge on a canvas of space and time.

    As a writer…communicator…artist, I see in my past the paths that have led me here, and I will illustrate, with words and images in a constant state of change, the force of life.  My personal philosophy of religion, science, and space and time, is the view of a common (cosmic) thread in the theories, manifestos, and ideologies of the sacred and the profane.

    The materials that I use are as varied as my subjects.  I paint with acrylics, sometimes in the dark, using vivid colors on my canvas.  I also paint with pastels, using my fingers as I would a dry brush, continually discovering new combinations of colors.   I am continuing my research on the possible, but unlikely, uses of positive and negative space.  It's all in the spaces between.

   Thank you for subjecting yourself to this collection.  "The invention of the game caused concern among the players, as this was the first time that live targets were used."  Please join us for supper.  I learn, I teach and I reflect the passions of my identities.

Donna Surles

A Dadaist Tornado Explosion

The power of words
tricks the eye
into dispensation from the protocol.
The velvet steamroller
caught in a chaotic dance
caused a crack
in the mirrored portrait.
Build a layer of scar tissue
over the wound
and keep going.
The blood of a bird
flows over images
so lovely
as sparkling diamond clouds

cover my lords'
black [B]LACK
glass [G]LASS
Finding a duck's neck
securely tied
into the midnight
of apparent
round objects hidden.
Take that.
I am not afraid.

...leaving the cans where they fell,
I gathered cleaning cloths soaked
with linseed oil, wadded-up paper
towels smeared with paint, and the
spent capless tubes of manganese
blue and cinnabar green on my way
to the garbage.
Stepping out
the door
that I accidentally left open
during the rain
while I was searching
for the last
piece of the puzzle..

I lick your tears for strength.
I breathe your sorrow for hope.
I touch your perfect mind for practice.
a bit of the entire structure.
crashes to the sky.
grounding electric thought.
with the smoke of a thousand primitive murders
cords of seaweed wind around my legs and torso
strapping me to this delicious fountain of wine
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
swallowing sweet triumphant excesses
screaming scandals drowning+squeezing
sucking+reciting tales of magic+mystery
my next silent scream comes from the place
where you lived a bazillion years ago
when the ships carried wool for the pirates wives
i couldn't have said.painted.sung.whispered.hidden.boasted.shouted.believed.cried.promised or dreamt it better than this.
this is
~better than anything~
we won.

©Donna M. Surles  08.15.11

I know what I know, if you know what I mean...