Aesthetically Echoed Through An Undefined State

I ignore the desultory stares that are directed [my] way
as I lord over a broken empire with the formality of a witness.
Like ashes in the wind, the will of the beast unfolds in a world
of unusual quiet. The light of my second skin illuminates
artists stealing, authors appropriating, musicians repeating
a secret communication; for we are all just shadow-boxing
with the gods.

I will walk two miles for these words today. I am happy,
not for you, not because of you, and not in spite of you.
Silence can speak volumes, but it can also drain the last bit of
marrow from your bones. Reality is never simple .instead. I must justify my lies. remember my place. internalize my fears and hide my love away. Denial as a weapon. In that emptiness.

Then it was all wind and thunder, tears trickling down into the
silver images marching upon me like waves. love with out judgement but not without need. Give me the strength to
live in the moment. Do you know if it's raining before you get wet? 

Water of the last true passion. In that emptimess.