we won
I remember
irresolute+imitation+servile cast of images
promising hard fought victories - HA! - alteration of
consciousness consumes bogus convictions + only now I
drink from the living cup.....

Pausing on my solvent stairway I am aware of the hush
surrounding the stars that I so bravely inhabited+I remain
ignorant of idols impersonating immaculate illusions that
surround me still+never admitting that I alone am endowed
with the power to emancipate


like this

how tell me how i cannot like this
understand.figure.wait shhhhhh stop
dream the shaken world has exploded
exploded no explanation I hear I hear
nothing syd nothing like you saying
you have wanted to do this for years
years of solitude years of ends and
years of beginnings wait he/I said
I said she said nothing will be at last

a perfect space in time for all to see
two beams collided in the collider collided
is a fucking metaphor for life begun
begun as two beams traveling a hundred
million miles an hour in opposite directions
can finally finally be in the right space
at the right time and collide in an instant
of recognition that the other the other
has the soul intertwined with the other
the other after 25 years of being there

cords of seaweed wind around my legs and torso
strapping me to this delicious fountain of wine
I breathe in.I breathe out.swallowing sweet
triumphant excesses; won't let you bury it
screaming scandals drowning+squeezing
sucking+reciting tales of magic+mystery

we won